How much will this cost me?

There are no upfront costs. We advance all the costs, including the attorneys we work with. If we can’t collect your judgment, it still costs you nothing. We only get paid in the event we actually collect the money judgment.

How do your recovery fees compare to other judgment collection agencies?

We are very competitive. Low rates from unlicensed eudgment Enforcement agencies are really the most expensive! Insurance companies do not provide commercial general liability insurance to a person or business providing debt collection services if they are not licensed. Insurance companies recognize that unlicensed debt collection agencies represent too great a risk to insure at any price. The consequences of hiring an unlicensed, unqualified company can be disastrous.

Can I use an attorney?

Yes. However, we utilize resources that few attorneys are permitted to use. We are able to locate assets for judgment satisfaction in NYS that most attorneys cannot. Furthermore, most attorneys charge a fee or, he/she may take an up-front cost on your judgment recovery. Most attorneys are very skilled in getting judgments, although many are unfamiliar with post-judgment solutions and have no access to asset investigaton services.
As a matter of fact, we are hired by attorneys for asset investigation as well as to enforce their judgments.

Do you guarantee to collect my money?

No. There are no guarantees except that we make the strongest effort possible. We use every strategy to collect the judgment and interest which continues to accrue until the judgment is fully satisfied.

What is your reputation? Are you licensed & insured?

  • Successfully Recovering Judgments Since 1995
  • We Maintain a Debt Collection Agency License with NYC Dept. of Consumer Affairs, License #1279626
  • We maintain membership with the Long Island Better Business Bureau Grade: A+
  • We hold a Commercial Insurance Policy

What is the process in hiring you?

It is quite easy. Fill out our customer service agreement and we will contact you shortly!

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