Judgment Recovery Certification


What is Judgment Professional Certification?

Certification as a judgment recovery professional is what separates the ‘pros’ from the ‘amateurs’. Until the advent of the National Judgment Network certification program, absolutely anyone at all could call him or herself a judgment recovery ‘expert’ and solicit business. Clearly, many of these so-called ‘experts’ did not possess the knowledge necessary to successfully navigate the legal system. In the absence of any means of certification, the field of the judgment recovery was easily infiltrated by the unqualified. As with many other professions, the business of judgment recovery falls more and more under the scrutiny of the legal profession and the public. The need for a means of testing and certifying practitioners is evident.

What are the qualifications for judgment recovery certification?

First of all you must be a member of National Judgment Network to become certified. To qualify for NJN professional certification members are required to complete a thorough examination covering all aspects of the judgment recovery business. It is a difficult examination that requires extensive research to complete. The examination also requires that members conduct a number of online public record searches to demonstrate their investigative abilities. In addition to completing the certification examination, members must have a minimum of three months experience as a judgment recovery specialist, and are required to subscribe and adhere to the National Judgment Network Code of Ethics.

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